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Leiers in grondbewerkings Toerusting / Leaders in Tillage Equipment

About Us

Pioneers in the field of agricultural excellence.

A dynamic company founded in 1984 by Chris Botha, a third generation farmer on Graspan that prides itself with the engineering and manufacturing of robust agricultural equipment designed to accommodate the farmers soil conditions and requirements.

At Ripper Tillage Equipment, we’re not just manufacturers; we’re pioneers in the field of agricultural excellence. Our commitment to innovation drives us to design, manufacture, and service the highest quality tillage and agricultural equipment, helping farmers worldwide enhance their efficiency and productivity. We are also a proud dealer of precision planting equipment and have a robust dealer network all over South Africa.

Years of Experience

Our Mission: Cultivating Efficiency

At Ripper Tillage Equipment, we’re driven by a singular mission: to enhance the efficiency and productivity of farmers globally. We recognize that the groundwork for a bountiful harvest begins long before the seeds are planted. That’s why our commitment extends to providing comprehensive solutions that cater to every stage of the farming process.

Our Services

Craftsmanship and Innovation

In our world, craftsmanship and innovation are inseparable companions. Every piece of
equipment that bears the Ripper Tillage name is a fusion of precision engineering and
enduring quality. From our sturdy ripper tillers to our cutting-edge seedbed preparation
tools, each product embodies our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Riptill Rippers

Wide Variety of Tillage Equipment. Equipment sold separately.

Harvester Trailers

Easy turning, Led lights, Adjustable height, Adjustable wheels at the back.

Naardi Sunstorm

It can harvest sunflower, sesame and sorghum thanks to it's ALL CROPS system

Cutting Coulters

Different styles available for different type of rippers, Heavy Duty Spring Loaded of Fixed. All depends on space available and type of soil.

Row Cleaners

Different styles available with different Disc Sizes for best moving residue out of the way

Closing Coulter and Roller Units

These units can be bought separately to fit on most rippers

Why Choose Us

Service Beyond Expectation

For us, the sale is just the beginning of a lasting relationship. Our commitment to our clients extends far beyond the initial transaction. With Ripper Tillage, you’re not just purchasing equipment – you’re joining a family dedicated to your success. Our expert service team stands ready to provide ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring that your equipment operates at peak performance season after season.

Hydroponic Project

Exploring Our other Solutions and Offerings

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Furrow Jet

Reduce Risk, Increase Yield

FurrowJet is a planter fertilizer attachment which enables you to place not only an in-furrow starter fertilizer, but also a dual band of fertilizer 3/4” on each side of the seed.


Eliminate Row Unit Impact

Reveal is mounted on the frame of the planter, eliminating any negative effect on the row unit. Reveal is unique in that it uses an internal gauge wheel to determine the depth of the tines as opposed to being gauged outside of the cleaning tines.

Smart Firmer

Adjust to The Furrow

SmartFirmer not only measures the moisture available to the seed, but it also measures the temperature of the soil as you plant and how much residue is in the seed furrow.

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